Terms & Conditions (Pets)

We welcome assistance dogs and well behaved dogs.

To ensure your stay is enjoyable and for the health and safety of our neighbours, future guests, and their dogs, you are required to observe the following rules during your stay. The term ‘dog’ refers to all dogs.

  • Your dog is always your responsibility and you are liable for any damage or upset (including complaints from neighbours) caused by the dog. Should any damage occur you must inform AHL immediately.
  • You must ensure your dog is well behaved, house-trained, wormed and free of fleas or contagious diseases upon arrival. We expect that all appropriate vaccination, including flea and worm treatment, has been regularly carried out on your dog.
  • If your dog shows any signs of illness during your stay you must consult a Vet to ensure no contagious disease that could infect future pets or those of our neighbours. Should a contagious disease be diagnosed, you must inform us and we reserve the right to enter the property and terminate the tenancy without prejudice to our other rights and remedies. No monies will be refunded.
  • Your dog must be kept under your control at all times including when in the garden.
  • You are responsible for immediate clean-up of dog faeces in the garden as well as repairs of incidental damage caused by your dog. “Poo Bags” may be purchased in the local village shop. These may be disposed of in dog bins.
  • You will ensure your dog does not jump on any furniture or bed(s).
  • You will protect the lounge carpet from any sticky / messy food treats given to your dog.
  • You will ensure that your dog is clean before bringing it into the house. Dog towels are available.
  • You will not clean your dog in the showers, sinks, or basins.
  • You will not leave your dog unsupervised/alone in the property or garden. Most local cafes, and pubs, are dog friendly.
  • Prior to departure, ‘Almost’ must be thoroughly cleaned by you such that no trace of your dog is evident in the house or garden at the time of departure. A broom, dustpan brush, hoover are provided.

We accept no liability for any illness or injury to your dog and reserve the absolute right to terminate a stay at Almost without notice if a dog and/or its owner cause damage or menace to the property, our neighbours, their children or their animals. No recompense will be given in such cases.

Thank you for your cooperation and agreement. We hope you’ll have a happy stay with your dog at Almost.

On the Booking Request Form, please confirm your dog(s) is/are house-trained, wormed and free of fleas and contagious diseases and you agree to abide by the above Pet Agreement Terms & Conditions.